• Modern & Practical Self Defense

    There are many martial art styles in the world today. Some are more popular than others. Our program gives you what you are looking for. A complete modern martial art rich in tradition and experience. Do you want the best? Come train with Team AH. Read More
  • Empowering Women

    Be Ready. Be Aware. Look Great. No other workout or sport will create such an impact in your life than training in the martial arts. Learn to defend your own life and your family and make gains towards that summer body you've always wanted. Win-Win. Read More
  • USSD Grand Tournament

    USSD Grand Tournament is for all ages and all ranks, and its for USSD students only. With two local tournaments a year you'll always have an opportunity to compete with other members of USSD. Interested in competing at the next tournament? Let your instructor know. Read More
  • Fun Kids Programs

    Smiling, sweating, and learning is our mantra at our dojo. Our children have the time of their lives achieving something that they will be proud of their entire lives. Your child will carry the skills and character that they learned at USSD throughout their life. Read More
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Self Defense Karate Kid

Unrivaled Instruction

A bridge between martial expression, dispiline and shattering effectiviness:


Ultimate Enjoyment

Fitness, Learning, Achievement & Community make up the most exciting and rewarding activity you will experience in your lifetime. We bring a modern approach to traditional methods of developing self-awareness, self-discipline, respect, and self-expression, all of which await you at USSD. What do you have to lose?


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  • Kempo
  • USSD
Kempo is modern adaptation on Karate. Originally developed in Hawaii and spread to the mainland by Ed Parker...
USSD stands for United Studios of Self Defense. It is the largest martial arts orginization in America. etc...