Womens Self Defense

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Fun and Friendly

Our early afternoon workouts for girls-only will get you in shape and ready to protect you and your family!

  • Exciting Fitness: Want to get in shape? Like, really good shape? Done. We do what the gym can't. We motivate. Martial arts can get you burning up to 1000+ calories an hour. Here is the best part; you wont even notice you're working out. How? Come in and see for yourself.
  • Defense Designed for Women: Generally, women have a hard time believing that they can defend themselves from larger men. Not true. Certain martial art moves are designed to defeat larger and stronger opponents, such as the Koshi-Nage (hip throw). Our Self Defense program is designed for the needs and capabilities of our female students.

Community Classes for our Ladies

Our women's self defense classes were originally designed for the family members of our students with the intent to make the class community centric. Today, we kept that mindset and are now offering this awesome class to the public with the same principles that we started with. First off, your tuition will lower and the number of classes we offer per week will increase with amount of members joining. More students equal lower tuition, more classes, and more friends.

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New Students: what to expect

Expect your first few lessons to ease you into the awesome community that we have here at USSD of Anaheim Hills. Our women are friendly and have a great workout ethic. They will help push you to goals just as strongly has our professional instructors will. Our classes are great for meeting fitness minded women and friends.

Afternoon classes are great to get a great workout and still be able to finish the rest of the day. To early for you? Check out our adult self defense program for classes in the evening, currently half are women.

Half the class is structured to providing a great workout. You will achieve more fitness related goals in half hour of our classes then you will in any other gym workout you have had before. The best part is that you won’t even realize you’re doing a working out.

Women's self defense is as simple as understanding the limitation of your body and using the best technique at the right time. Size and strength is only an issue if you make it an issue. All of the self defense techniques we teach use leverage to overcome a larger opponent. All our techniques are taught by professional instructors in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

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